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Vacuum Veneering - Tips, Tricks, and More

Paule Joubran of String Masters Custom Shop in Poway, California built this outstanding dual system with a custom frame press designed for guitar bodies.

"The reason I built this under a table top was to make room in our shop. Sanding and prepping can be done on the table top and once complete, you just needed to lift the lid beneath you, place the body in and start the motors with a switch I rigged on top. I used 1 1/2" square metal welded together and capped of with plastic caps.

I built two lids is because if one gluing process wasn't quite right, why disturb the other if it's gluing up fine. After the lids were built, I went to Home Depot and got some high end door hinges and a couple long handles to lift the lids with ease. I also purchased some nice door locks, the type you find in a hotel. It's a lever that wraps around a ball pin and allows the door to open slightly for the resident to see who it is before releasing the lever. I placed these upside down and made it a tight fit so you have to hit them in place.

Before mounting the lids, I placed some double back tape to hold the vinyl in place with a little bit of play, once the vinyl was in place, I placed a gasket on top of the vinyl to give it that solid seal. I also placed rubber cement at each corner to insure a proper seal." - Paule Joubran

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