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Tall ChestOver the last two decades, I have touched upon many aspects of woodworking. From the simple jig-sawn pigs and bunnies to the more elaborate fiber optic tables, my skills and tastes have changed dramatically. I was quite content to make "country" or "crafty" items at first, but as I became more aware of the woodworking world around me, the simple things just didn't provide the challenge I needed. What's interesting is that now I am turning around and heading back to the simple projects but with a hint of intricacy in them this time. For instance, an early jewelry box used finger joints, piano hinges, and was made of pine. However, today's jewelry box would be made with dovetail joints, precision hinges, a nice hardwood and a touch of burl veneer.

Largely due to my disatisfaction with many of today's power tools, I suspect that in the coming years, my approach to woodworking will begin to incorporate the use of traditional hand tools. Will the projects be better? Who knows? I guess we will all have to check back here and see.

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